Medieval fire starter set

As early as the Iron Age flint and steel was one of the most common methods of starting a fire. Along with other methods it was widespread during the Roman times (100 CE), Medieval times and the Viking Age.

To start a fire with flint and steel you can use many hard, non-porous rocks such as chert, jasper or obsidian.

To make things a bit easier you can use charcloth, which is usually a swatch of fabric made from vegetable fiber (such as linen, cotton or jute) which thanks to special preparation is more ready to catch the low-temperature sparks, which can then can be blown into flame.

Our standard fire starter set consists of:

  • — Leather bag to store everything in
  • — Black or brown rock flint (three peace’s)
  • — Steel striker (made of hardened high carbon steal)
  • — Char-cloth made of flax
  • — Jute twine (63 inch | 160 cm)

To be able to start a fire in that way you must acquire some new skills (it might take some practice). You can see a YouTube video of us striking some sparks at the link below:

You can buy this set in our Etsy Shop. The shipment is carried out from Poland (Europe) via Global Express (UE, USA and other countries) or a courier (Poland). If you have any questions - feel free to contact us.

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June 5, 2020