Shaman Bells

Also known as Kholbigs or Jingle Cones are bells similar to ones worn by shamans from Mongolia and Siberia.

They are always associated with shamanism, protection and magic. They were sewed on by shamans onto their coats or tied to ritual objects. You can say that they’re a part of shamans ‘armour’ since, as in many other cultures, iron is believed to keep you safe from evil spirits, and it’s ring is said to bring life to objects.


  • — Necklace length: around 24.5 inch | 62 cm
  • — Pendant height: around 3.3 inch | 8,5 cm
  • — Pendant width: around 1.2 inch | 3 cm

You can buy this or similar pendants at our Etsy Shop. The shipment is carried out from Poland (Europe) via Global Express (UE, USA and other countries) or a courier (Poland). If you have any questions - feel free to contact us.

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June 7, 2020