Mjölnir - Thor's hammer

Probably one of the best know pagan symbols.

It's a symbol of the Nordic god of thunder, but it also serves as a representation of true strength. According to the mythology it was made by two dwarfs, Brok and Eitri'a, as one of the three gift's for the As.

Currently used, as it was in the past, as one of Asatru symbols. It's also very popular in historical reenactment in general as well as for those who re-enact Viking and Nordic warriors.


  • — Necklace length: around 24.5 inch | 62 cm (adjustable)
  • — Pendant height: around 1.8 inch | 4,5 cm
  • — Pendant width: around 0.8 inch | 2 cm

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June 7, 2020