Medieval iron skillet / frying pan

This medieval pan is based on archeological findings from Norway – mostly on the pan found in Oseberg ship.

Although we don’t have enough data to know for sure what type of bread Viking-age people ate there are many modern-made recipes, which may be close to the original.

‘The bread dough (...) was stone ground wheat, barley, oat, and rye flours, mixed with whey, honey, and nuts. The dough would then be flattened and cooked on a flat pan over the coals of an open fire (left). The bread would have been eaten warm, since such loaves turn rock hard when cooled.’


Pan details:

  • — Diameter: around 8.2 inch | 21 cm
  • — Handle length: around 27.5 inch | 70 cm

Below you’ll find links to the original findings, and some other interesting information:

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Historical reconstruction

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June 6, 2020