Forged snails

If you don’t have a garden you probably don’t notice them on a daily basis, but for us snails are a huge part of everyday battle for tomatoes!

And since the simplest forms provide us with the biggest inspiration we decided to give a forged iron-snail a try, and ended up with three of them :).

We tried to give everyone of them different character. They’ll look great both in your home and garden, but beware of places with too much moisture, since they may be prone to rusting.


  • — Height: around 2 inch | 5 cm
  • — Length: around 2.7 inch | 7 cm
  • — Wide: around 1 inch | 2,5 cm

You can buy our magnificent snails at our Etsy Shop :). The shipment is carried out from Poland (Europe) via Global Express (UE, USA and other countries) or a courier (Poland). If you have any questions - feel free to contact us.

Home decor

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June 6, 2020