Chasing tools - beginner set

A set of chasing tools used in repoussé and chasing technique.

This particulars set was designed as a good start for beginner repoussers. Thanks to it you’ll be able to complete not only basic but medium difficulty projects. All chasing tools are based on tools used in this technique for ages.

The set contains of 10 chasing tools as follow:

  • — Line tools (different sizes) (2 pcs.)
  • — Push tools (different sizes) (2 pcs.)
  • — Planishing tools (rectangle and tear drop) (2 pcs.)
  • — Pearl shape (round point) (1 pcs.)
  • — Curved line (1 pcs.)
  • — Angled Planisher (1 pcs.)
  • — Convex Face liner (1 pcs.)

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August 16, 2020