Druid's Forge


We’re a small craftsman workshop located in a lovely village in Upper Silesia in Poland. We’ve been in our forge for over fifteen years now but repoussé and chasing is a relatively new skill for us, we’ve been practicing it only five years! We work in a dynamic trio: us + our dog. In our work we focus mostly on historical reconstruction, blacksmithing (mostly architectural) and repoussing.

Chasing tools set – viking style stamps

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Chasing tools – beginner set

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Celtic bracelet from La Tène era

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Forged signboard – Old Post Office in Gliwice

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Roofing and railing – Old Post Office in Gliwice

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Early medieval ring pin

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Rams head door knocker

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Mjölnir – Thor’s hammer

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Medieval iron skillet / frying pan

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Thor’s hammer from Kaupang

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Leather belt with ‘D’ shaped forged buckle

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Medieval fire starter set

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We specialise not only in historical reconstruction and traditional blacksmithing, but we also create tools and home decor items:

Historical reconstruction

We forge according to historical finding camp equipment, warrior dowry, small decorative items, historical oddities and many more.

Architectural blacksmithing

We create all projects connected to architecture such as gates, roofings, garden elements and sculptures or mailboxes.

Home Decor

We sell and create bespoke, made to order furniture, hangers, candle holders, lamps and sconces, door knockers and small home decor items.


We not only sell repoussing tools such as chasing, planishing and raising punches, tar and tar bowls but we forge bespoke tools as well.

Magical items

As a self-respecting Druids Forge should  we create magical items for home, lockets, pendants, rings or runes for readings.

Repoussé and chasing

Repoussing is one of our passions, which we’ve been perfecting for few years now. We create mostly copper pictures for home as well as pendants.


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